INSTITUTE Catania 2019 Rotary: Values are our core

Come and join the convener, Francesco Arezzo at the Rotary Institute of Catania between the 9th and 13th October.
Catania is an ancient port city on the Eastern coast of Sicily, situated at the foot of Mount Etna, one of the highest active volcanos in the world.
Participating at a Rotary Institute allows you to share information, establish connections and exchange ifeas about Rotary International and the Rotary Foundation.
Rotary has enjoyed a century of its existence and, from its birth to today, has been able to continually renew itself so as to remain in step with the social and cultural changes that characterise the societies in which it operates. A continuous and courageous process of change and adaptation. All these changes have brought about a deep modification to the external form of Rotary but the heart of our organization has remained intact: our core values.
Fellowship, Integrity, Diversity, Service and Leadership continue to be our founding values and upon these we have always found a solid base to sustain our forward thrust to overcome obstacles.
It is around these values that we have decided to formulate the programme of the Catania Rotary Institute. I am sure in fact that reflecting on our values will help us to discover/rediscover our strength and to address with greater strength the difficulties that we encounter and shall continue to encounter along our path.
All of this in the unparalleled frame that Sicily offers with its sweet and sunny autumns. It would be our privilege to guide through the discovery of our food, our wines, our culture and to share with each of you intense days of work and understanding.
We await you in Catania.
Francesco Arezzo

Six reasons to come to the Rotary Institute in Catania

  • Follow a stimulating and motivating programme with select expert speakers
  • Visit the city of Catania with its wonderful examples of baroque arts and architecture
  • Network with fellow Rotarians and exchange ideas
  • Meet your Rotarian friends
  • Enjoy one of the best cuisines of Europe built on fresh sun drenched vegetables, fish and exceptional sweets
  • Catania in October usually offers excellent weather. Warm yet not too hot.